The Syndicate of Seaweed and Marine Plants is a professional organization
of companies converting seaweed and marine plants.
These companies buy the seaweed and plants
from harvesters, or harvest / cultivate them themselves 

The syndicate’s aim is to represent its members’ interests and to facilitate relationships between its members and with the Administration representatives.

The companies are located in Brittany where seaweed harvesting is a traditional activity, in a unique seaweed field. They have long experience and an innovative approach in the fields of the extraction of gelling agent (alginates), the production of human food, nutrition, cosmetic products, thalassatherapy, agriculture, pharmacy and abalone farming.

The companies are concerned with the sustainable management of natural resources. They are working to that end with fishermen, harvesters, their representatives (Comité des pêches), the Administration (Affaires maritimes), the scientists (Ifremer), and with all other stakeholders involved in the field. 




  A unique contact enables you to be in touch
with the president and the secretariat:

President : Jean Baptiste Wallaert
Secretariat :