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From the president’s desk

The objective of our Syndicate is to sustain the local harvesting and fishing industry so that in 10 years, 20 years…it will still be possible to benefit from this resource: we are extremely careful about maintaining our unique marine biodiversity, making it our business to preserve its genuine quality. We also buy seaweed all over the word. Our work is therefore informed by the common interest of harvesters, fishermen and Administration in order to regulate this harvesting and fishing industry. 

Working themes

Organisation of seaweed harvesting and harvesters’ status.
Kelp fishing from boats for two species: Laminaria digitata and Laminaria hyperborea.

Good practices and marine protected areas (“Parc Marin d’Iroise” and Natura 2000).
Consideration of the conditions for a seaweed aquaculture development.
Monitoring and contributing to the legal questions concerning seaweed: in particular, organic labelling, food security, fertilizers, REACH (European regulation “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals”).

In 2009
  • Laminaria digitata fishing by boats has to be organized according to the quality required and the processing capacity of the buyers.
  • Seaweed harvesting organization is in progress: in 2008, a new contract between harvesters and buyers was tested (“TESA”) for Chondrus crispus harvesting and seaweed drying. In 2009, this contract is now used for all seaweed harvesting activities.
  • A study was done by the Ministry of Fisheries, concerning a new status for the seaweed casual harvesters.
  • The marine protected area of Iroise (“Parc Marin d’Iroise”) is working on seaweed fishing and harvesting in its area.
  • The terms of reference for organic seaweed have been adopted by the European commission. ".


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